Touch the Peak – Part 2

Touch the Peak – Part 2 Welcome to my entire website in the name of Now, we see in the title of, The Mind and its Incomparable Power”.  Mind – it is one of the powerful weapon in the universe. Not many people today know about is profound power. The main purpose of this post is to make you understand it and create many achievements.

The Mind and its Incomparable Power

If you are trying to know about the mind for the first time, then you might arise many questions like,  MIND, What does it mean? and Where is it? When this universe or divine power created you and allowed you to live in this world, it has also given you the great hidden power to achieve whatever you aspire or achieve to live happily in this world. The mind is the name of that great power.

Only a small fraction of the world’s population has made great strides and achievements by knowing, understanding, and realizing the glorious glories of such an immensely powerful mind. All the comforts we experience today are the remuneration gained through the people who used this incomparable power of the mind, which was once empty in the world. If we wish for anything sincerely, we will definitely get it.

But most of the human beings give life to poverty due to their power of imagination and bring failures upon themselves wholeheartedly. Only because of this many people suffer as they could not succeed in their life. Hence, mind should be properly trained to think positively and start thinking about the rise, all human beings will be doomed to prosper.


For which, it is very important to know about the different states of the mind and it’s functions. Psychologists divide this mind into 3 types: Peripheral Conscious Mind, Sub-Conscious Mind and Super-Conscious Mind. In this super-conscious is the hero who leads us to the peak of success. Yet, if we have to understand about ourselves we have to understand clearly about the three states of mind.

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Peripheral Conscious Mind

This part of the mind is related to the intellectual side of a person, that is in contact with the five senses of the man. The mind records sightings seen by the eyes, words and sounds heard by the ears, smells consumed by the nose, tastes known by the tongue, perceptions perceived through touch, and so on. Usually, human mind is compared to a monkey, which could be 100% applies to the upper mind, which is related to the outside world.

Nature of this mind is that it does not fix on anything.  The things what looks good today may not be so great tomorrow, it would also create an illusion that the things in other mans hand would seem to better than the one in our hands. For example, we may be living a life by earning through doing a job or profession. The person living next door to us may be doing a different job or career for his living.


Now there comes a twist in the life that we are living, it might be boredom or set back in business which would motivate us to think that the life style of the person living next door is better than ours, this would relate to the proverb, “Blue are the hills that are faraway,”When a few feelings change, we begin to do the work that the person does. For example, let us say that someone runs a grocery store.

He would have many big and small grocery shops coming up for his competition. Thus his business would suffers a slight setback, but his neighbor who runs a tea shop might earn well, so he changes his mind to start a tea shop. Eventually, his condition would be bad than his previous condition. This is the work of the upper mind. This is why the upper mind is compared to the monkey.

Perhaps if he had known how to use his super-conscious mind clearly, he would have invested his old experience in the competition that came in his own business and somehow managed to become successful in that field. Psychologist Sigmund Freud says the following about the mind.

The functions of the mind is compared to the iceberg floating in the ocean and the subconscious (upper) mind is a small area visible to the eye of the floating ice in the ocean. The median (median) is the dim area visible just below seawater.

The subconscious (depth) is the largest area hidden beneath the invisible seawater. The reason behind our failure to touch the peaks of success is because we do not know how to direct the super-conscious mind according to our will, but live according to the will of the upper mind. That means we have to rule our mind. We are the boss of our minds. Our mind waits to fulfill our commands. We should not let our mind to control us rather we shouls control our mind. Let us see how we shall control our mind properly and accumulate success.


Sub-Conscious Mind

The sub-conscious mind develops during the childhood of a person, this mind acts as a liaison to the upper mind and the deeper. Its main function is to procure the information that the peripheral or upper mind asks from its file based, and it also records the good and bad events happening around us.

It records every things that has happened around us, from the day we were conceived in our mothers womb until this very minute. If we could suddenly recall an event that took place once in our life, then that is the work of our sub-conscious or middle mind.

All the activities that occur in normal life can be experienced by our senses are recorded in our mind. For example, we will certainly remember the friends during our school or high school years. In this, we may remember the names and details of a few friends who were close to us. Or they may be currently in contact with us.

We have many friends whom we have passed since our preschool. The names of most of those friends are no longer on our top memory list. This is a great example of mediocrity, We could have come across someone who has a facial expression of the one whom we know in a road or in a festival. That person will not come to our mind immediately.


We would keep it to our self and confuse ourselves about the whereabouts of the person whom we saw. Suddenly, something would popup in our mind as oh … isn’t he Sundas who studied with us in 10th class …? Such experience would have definitely passed in your life as well. This is the work of mediated sub-conscious mind. The mind records the good and bad events that we encounter in daily life. It is the work of the middle mind that reminds us of some sad memories and often makes us tired during bad situations.

So the main reason for our delayed successes occur because we follow the advice of the upper and middle mind. It is enough if you accept  the experience of failures and disappointments according to the advice of the upper and middle mind. So, we must stop believing in our intuition and use our super-conscious mind to find out, who am I ? Why did I born on this Earth? We shall know about ourselves and begin the ideal journey to touch the peaks of success.

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