Touch the Peak –Part 3

Touch the Peak –Part 3 Welcome to my entire website in the name of Now, we see in the title of, Super- Conscious Mind, Alpha – Meditation, Benefits of Alpha Meditation. This post is about how to use alpha meditation, in this post we are going to look at the explanation the we can achieve what we want.

Super- Conscious Mind

Super- Conscious Mind is the most powerful part of the mind. It work for us within ourself, but at the same time it is a treasure that would wait for our command. Super- Conscious Mind has an ability to shake the universe itself. It is a miraculous gift offered by nature itself for each and every human being.

In our society, some people become millionaires, some people lose their livelihoods, some people may loos their happiness inspite of all the generous opportunities in life but at the same time, some people live happily even in poverty. All these things constitute the part of super- conscious mind. Super- Conscious Mind does not differentiate between good and worse, but it carries out the orders given by the mind, that is, it accepts the things that is thought over and over again.

This is what our ancestors used to say “life as per thought”. You become what you think you are. If you think you are strong, you are strong says Swami Vivekananda. Yes! the language of the mind is thoughts. If those thoughts are prosperous, then everything will definitely happen in our life no matter what we think.


It doesn’t matter who you are. Even if you desire for the heavenly stars, you will archive it because of your handwork. Dr. Abdulkalam says “Be yourself”. Once upon a time there was a poor passerby walking alone through a dense forest. He became very tired of walking. Then he reached a large tree trunk with wonderful air flow, he immediately went there and rested a bit.

The sweet breeze made him to fly in the world of imagination. Wow … it’s so comfortable to just lie on the floor in this wonderful place! He enjoyed thinking deeply in his mind, how wonderful it would be to get a bed with a mattress. What a miracle! There appeared a beautiful bed with the mattress, as he wished in his mind.

He went and lay in it. Wow … what a joy! There is a beautiful bed, how beautiful it would be to have a beautiful house with all the amenities here! He thought for himself floated in the world of imagination. What a surprise! A beautiful house came just as he thought. He started living in that house. Whatever he thought in his mind came handy. Suddenly, one day fear infected him.

He felt that he was living in a dense forest alone, what if a lion come . . . and bit me … at that thought, a lion came …. bit him to death. Now you can understand the power of the super-conscious mind, which does not know good or bad. Mind takes the thoughts as a command and brings into reality all the established imagination in the depths of our mind. So let us continue to see the ways to use this super-conscious to know thyself and touch the peaks of success.

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Alpha – Meditation

What is Alpha Meditation? If super-conscious mind have to do the above mentioned miracles, it must retrieve itself completely away from the external mental activities and get it-selves immersed into a deep peaceful state called alpha. Whether we realize it or not, in reality we go through the alpha stage every day. Our minds do not wander anywhere, especially when we are angry, or when we are very happy, when we forget about ourselves and focus on one thing while enjoying cooking.

Our upper and middle mind are subdued when anger or joy overwhelms us. When a person is angry he remembers only the person concerned to the incident, but when a person is happy he remembers only the things related to the incident not the person. Even when preparing ingredients in the kitchen, external thoughts are involved and the idea of ​​preparing this dish well prevails. Not only this, whenever we deeply think about ‘one thing,’ that is something like enjoying, eating, waking up, bathing, praying, falling in love, we go into an alpha state without even realizing it.

At such times thinkers of positive thoughts like, career development, good car, house, money would reach a higher level in life, knowingly or unknowingly. Why does this happening only to me? What sin have I committed? Those who think of such poor, degrading, thoughts are unable to progress in life. Because, our super- conscious mind accepts our thoughts and makes sure that happens to us.

For example, imagine that a person has attacked or hurt you or your loved one. At that moment we will be very angry with that person. Imaginary scenes will appear in our minds as if we are beating, kicking and hurting him. At some point it will seem as if it is actually happening. Now our mind does not think of anything else. It is time when our subconscious mind is to be open. So our super-conscious mind would absorbing these feelings and will create situations of revenge for the person concerned.


This is how many acts of violence are taking place today. At the same time you were attending a competition by winning you are receiving a cash prize of Rs. 500,000 (Five Lakes). Now can you imagine how does your thoughts flutter? Our thoughts will be as happy as we had crores of money and it will start singing song of bliss. We will also flee like these things are actually happening in our life.

Knowingly or unknowingly, when we think like this, our super-conscious mind is open and thus it will absorb these feelings and spring up in our favor. This is why those who think of wealth become rich and those who think of poverty live in poverty. Certain things may happen naturally but with some training we can create this alpha state and communicate with our super-conscious mind and give commands and live as we please.

Benefits of Alpha Meditation

One who practices alpha meditation will say that nothing is impossible in life. The greatest power among all forces is the power of our super-conscious mind. Everything can be achieved by tapping this power. Alpha meditation is the key that necessary to awaken this power. Some of the benefits of practicing this alpha meditation are,

  • Decreases stress.
  • Increases self-confidence.
  • Able to know who he is.
  • Intuition increases.
  • Gains courage.
  • Clarity of thinking is available.
  • Increases cash flow.
  • Sets a disease-free life.
  • Relationships are strengthened.
  • Success comes above success.
  • Increases relaxation and happiness. and more…

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