Touch the Peak-Part 4

To begin alpha meditation, first choose a permanent, hassle-free place. It can be a natural place or a room in your house. For this we have to go through 4 stages. touch-the-peak-part-4

Level-1 Relaxation of the body

This can be done on the floor rug or sitting on a chair. Now sit with a straight posture and see that your Spain is upright on the floor mat. Use the Chin seal. Close your eyes.

First focus on your breathing. Notice that while breathing air must flow in and out naturally. Observe the same for at least 5 minutes. When you inhale, imagine as if the great power of the universe fills yourself. When you exhale out imagine as if all your negative thoughts and diseases moves out of your body.  you begin to concentrate on your breath, your thoughts will come under your control and your external thoughts will somehow be contained.

We are going to relax your body further. Concentrate at the center of your head, so that your forehead would experience relaxation by reducing the tightness. You can feel your eyebrows getting relaxed. You can feel your eyes, ears, nose, cheeks and head getting relaxed. The teeth, jaw, and tongue are loosened. (Now inhale 3 times deeply inwards and exhale out to be relaxed). Constantly you can feel the relaxation in the front and back necks.


The shoulder straps are loosen. Both the hands would be relaxed up to the fingertips. The chest area followed by the back and abdomen areas will experience  relaxation. (Now remove the tightness above the waist and feel like you are losing weight and being thinner.) Next the hip area relaxes. Both legs will relax. The ankles, feet, and toes will be loosen. (Inhale 3 times deeply and let out slowly). Now you can feel your body getting light as the cinnamon fluff.  We are constantly going to the 2nd level of peace of mind.

Level – 2 Calming of Mind

In the first step we have reached up to 50% of the alpha meditation by relaxing the whole body. Next we need to gradually calm our minds. Our mind might experience a restlessness and it will be wandering here and there. Our negative old memories would come out like a flood. Don’t worry about it, because only when such thoughts come out, your thoughts will become clear, so that good thoughts can be deeply ingrained.  These things are normal in the early periods. Repeat it over and over again as peace and serenity begin to calm the mind.

At the same time start to feel your mind moving towards bargaining little by little. Feel the slowness, the deepening of the mind. This experience would be very sweet. You can feel it. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Or imagine something quiet experience you encountered. If you have happy experiences in life, think about it and enjoy it. Go very deep. Enjoy the deep peace and bliss. Now we shall go to the 3rd level

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Level -3 Favorite place for the mind

Now keep in mind one of your most favorite places. It can also be a place of worship. Or it could be a landscape. Choose a place, especially look for a place that gives you peace of mind and happiness. Now, mentally go to the mind to the place that you have already chosen. For example, imagine as if you are entering a huge park. Take a good look around there. Feel the sweet sounds, smells, colors, etc. of the birds you hear there.

Feel free to get your favorite foods out there. Imagine for a second  as if you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Pick them up and enjoy the taste. Touch favorite places. Feel the breeze touching your body wonderfully. Enjoy whatever you like. Now you feel that your mind is calm, relaxed and with rapture. Now you forget the body and enjoy the pleasure of the mind. This is the alpha level. Next we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground.

Level- 4 Deep Alpha Level

You are now in alpha state. Our mind must go deeper if it is to accept our command and carry it out for us. That is, to mix the two with the universal force. To get to that point, count in your mind in a descending order, that is 10, 9, 8 as 0. Go deeper within your mind as you say each number. When it is  0 , you are fully connected with the universe. At this moment you will not know anything that happens around you.

This is the golden time. Here you can meet and talk to your favorite deity. Whatever you see in the picture of your mind, or count with your senses will definitely happen. It could be your physical well-being, it could be career success, it could be success in love or it could be a luxurious life in crores. Anything can happen. So think only of the good. Do not bring negative thoughts into your mind , because whatever we think at this moment will happen. Our inner depth of mind do not know good and bad. It is a good servant who will carry out whatever command we give without changing the point. This is a very exciting time.


So, look at the good things you want to experience in life with confidence as if in a movie. Now rub your two hands together. Apply the warmth generated by the inner hand to both of your eyes with both the hands. Slowly open your eyes. You can now resume your daily routine. Alpha meditation can be done at all times.

However, it is best to do it between 4 and 6 in the morning, which is the time of daily Brahma Mukurtha ( Peak time). If you do this training for 90 consecutive days with the same thing in your mind, your success will be palpable by the end of 90 days. Preserve it, fertilize it with continuous meditation and make life spring

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