Touch the Peak – Part 6

We need a goal to reach the peak of success in life. That goal is to have a clear dream to come alive and become our life. Let’s see clearly how to create these and travel halfway to success. touch-the-peak-part-6

Create a Goal

Let us consider a situation as if you were participating in a running competition. When the match begin you start to run, but where do you stop at the end.  Yes! you will stop at the finishing line that was fixed as the finishing point. Now consider your life as a match and think, where have you fixed your finishing point to succeed in your life. Have you ever thought about it in your life. Most of us lead our life even without a goal, then how can you touch the peaks of success.

What is the goal?

We shall consider one more example for reaching our goals. One of your relative who is a resident of Delhi invites you to join in an auspicious celebrations at their residence. You have only 30 days to go.Now what you will be doing. You will stay in a place and think. The first thought would be whether we have to go to the ceremony or not. Let us consider that you have decided to go to the function. What will be the next thought.


It will be about the transportation, so you have to choose whether you will be going by train or via plane. According to the situation you have decided to take a flight. Now you will take time to make the registration. When you fill in the form for registration, at the place of destination what you will be writing?  Mumbai or Calcutta,  definitely, you will be writing Delhi.

Next what you will be doing. Won’t you plan the day, time, what vehicle could be used to go to the airport? what things can be taken with you, and how to get to the venue after landing at the Delhi airport. When that day comes, you will not bother whether it is raining or it is sunny or even if you get any types of abstructions on the way you would not mind anything but you will continue your journey as it is planned by you.

Isn’t  that right.  So you will reach the airport and you will sit on the registered seat and you would continue your journey, isn’t it? This is how we must set and travel our goal of success. Travelling to Delhi is just two days program. Even for that, we make so much of planning preparations and sacrifices. Think! How it would be, if you can show this much dedication and planning in your life to be success.

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Set a goal from today


Most of us are travelling without any purpose in our life. Let us forget about the past from today onwards and let us create at least one goal in our life. Your goal can be anything, it could be your career success, it could be a life of a millionaire, or it could be a life without death or it can be a goal of buying a place or a car, it can be anything. First of all you create a goal for your successful life and let this goal be a clear goal.

Think about the preparations that you have undertaken for the Delhi travel, in the same manner, make preparations that are necessary to succeed in your life. For example let’s say someone has been doing a business for a long time but he was not getting the desired income. But at the same time, someone else could have started the same business in recent times and they could have started earning handsomely, or many crores in a couple of years.

Now, what does the first one would think? He may think many reasons like his time is not good. Is that true? No it is not. The person who was starting a new business will have a better understanding of the current situation. He could have planed properly or he will have in his mind the goals to be touched and he might also have set the goals for the future, of it and start the journey with confidence in the right path. Thus he has captured the Himalayas of victory.

But the first person could not understand the latest new technologies like cashless transactions and internet services, hence, he works like a machine with all the old ways and methods without planning any goal. This is the difference between one person and the other. His activities are like travelling using a bullock  cart for months together, while he has plenty of options to travel by flight in just one hour. I hope you could have understood now, how to set goals and continue our journey of success.



In order to step your foots on the platform of success you have to cross many steps on the way. In which, we have gone through five basic steps like self-awareness, mind and its incomparable power, Alpha meditation, the power of the word, and  create a goal. The sixth step is the most important one to touch the peaks of success. Yes! it is to dream. How to dream? Will be the next question. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam says, “dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep”.

In today’s life we are enjoying many comforts, these comforts are nothing but the dreams of someone. When man saw the flight of the bird he created the plane. Human beings fly using a plane today, it is only because of the dream of two brothers Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright. They wondred, how beautifully birds are flying in the sky? The thought, Why can’t we fly in the sky? with this question they developed an idea or dream to fly in the sky.

They risked their lives and began to work with the determination for that dream.  Finally they found the plane. The dream which they saw on that day helps us to travel to the nook and corner of the world within seconds today. Can you guess what did this world say in the beginning? People laughed at them in the beginning,  saying that, they are going to fly in the sky ! they are fools! Likewise, you will have thousands of people lined up to make fun of the dream you see today.

Importantly, your family members will also be there at the forefront. It is your dream and it is dreamed by you, which will be very difficult for them to understand your dream. But that’s okay! Be firm in your effort. While addressing to the students Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam once says that, you can put your foot on the moon, if you have the courage in your heart. Dream and those dreams will surely come true. Yes! the dream is a good gift given by God to man.

What is a dream?

The door of success does not open for many of us because we don’t have a clear dream. Dream is nothing but an idea of achieving something that always keep swirling in our minds. In the beginning, we could not even understand what it is but when days go by our thoughts would start focusing on something. That particular thought will be running throughout our minds at whatever situation we are in.


Even if we don’t get any money or income temporally those things would not disturb us but our focus will be yearns for our dream.  For example, an idea has been in my mind for the past several years. As the days went by a desire prevailed that it would be nice to write a book and I started my endeavour.  I had to face many obstacles in the process of writing a book of 21 pages especially when I started to write I couldn’t think of anything to write. Days passed by in vain, if I sat to write I would feel fatigue.

Somehow I struggled with all those situations for my dream and on 17/02/ 2018, I published a psychology book on the Kindle ebook website entitled “Imaginations Become Fruits”. Only after that I got a hope that even I can write a book. Right now I am preparing this book this is also an example of a small dream. When small dreams come true we will get an unshakable confidence that the big dreams will also will come true.

There is nothing wrong in creating a dream as you want to become a millionaire. If you have a habit of creating some thousands per month you can create dreams and plan working for earning some lacks. When you develop a dream and work for it you will encounter many obstacles on your way of success. At this time do not let your dreams fall down and decide that this will not happen and do not worry your dreams and come back to your normal life.

We must realise that dreams must be passed through rigorous tests in order to succeed. The Wright brothers did not simply dream to find a plane but they worked hard for it.   Think about their initial moments of test drive in that small plane, how that would have been? They could have mortgaged their life in order to make their dreams alive.

Thomas Alva Edison, have made thousands of inventions. 10 of his factories were burnt to ashes in fire, even under those circumstances he did not lose his hope, rather he applied his dream to invent the bulb.  He worked hard and brought his dream true. If you have a dream do not give up and work until you get it.


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