Touch the Peak – Part 7

Finally this section describes the steps to achieve what we want through mindfulness and gratitude. Live and use this area with a clear mind. touch-the-peak-part-7


An exercise mindset that is very important to touch the Himalayas of making dreams come true and success. That is, to make the dreams we have created come true, Mindfulness is the most powerful exercise in giving a connection between the deep and the cosmic forces. Mindfulness is the act of compiling our goals and dreams into a movie and seeing it at a specific time every day.

One thing to keep in mind is that whatever request you make to the universe will surely be granted to us. What is good for the universe? Which is worse? Do not know to see as divided. Whatever consciousness you make a request to the universe will give it as it is. So we have to be very careful in listening. Well how does the universe work? How do we create mindsets? We will continue to see such information.

How to create a mindset?

First, in the garden of the mind, sowing the seed of thought, fertilizing the ambition, watering the dream, this is the good moment to look forward to. No longer did we think the next exercise to crawl on our hands was the mindset. If you want to create a mindset, you must first be clear about what you want. It could be buying a car. Or build a house, get rich, get a good job, start a business, get good health, make a clear decision on whatever you want. You do not have to choose one.


You can choose any number of options. For example, suppose you decide to buy a car. Can the mindset start right away? No. First you need to make a clear decision as to which company’s car to buy. Consistently, the model to be purchased, its color, such as the information must be properly imprinted on the mind. You need to make the exact resolution as to which month and day that car should be available in your hand. Now you have to create a collection like beautiful movie and start imagining that scene every day.

When you imagine the car you have to drive with the same feeling as you would feel if that car were in your hand now. You can go anywhere you want. It is very important to feel like the car is in your hand wherever you go. Because this feeling is what goes into the ears of the universe as vibrations. Yes, the only language known to the universe is the sensory network.

As we continue to communicate these perceptions to the universe, its first action will begin immediately. That means if you go outside you can see the car you want, which you have never seen before, often going on the road. That carton will catch your eye wherever you look. Understand now that the day is near when that car will be in your hands.

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Seeing the mind at any time?


If it is good to see the mind at any time, it is best to look at it at the time when the memory returns from the morning grief, as well as at the time when the night sleep embraces the eye. Otherwise you can see this scene all the time. Do you think that I can not visualize everything like this? If so you will probably take the initiative for this mindfulness training and even be the one who dismisses it as not agreeing with us.

Or they may be people who have no knowledge of conscience. do not worry. Let me give you a small example of how to set the mental scene emotionally. The example I am giving is a negative show. Only when you understand this negative perception can you easily feel the positive mindset. Imagine that your close friend or relative is involved in a road accident and eventually dies in a hospital with serious injuries.

Perhaps if you had this experience bring that day to your mind’s eye. Just shake the thoughts that ran through your mind from that moment on, knowing that the accident happened! What a surprise? Feelings run through your mind as you experience the accident that happened to him. Even if you had a slightly lonely experience, you would have had the experience of being in bed when the feeling returned, feeling like you were in that accident, suffering and fighting for life in the hospital, running like a movie!

If you can see the mind as a real experience of many negative events like this happening to you, why can’t you see the mind thinking that you have got what you need on hand? When you can feel the pain of an accident then, why not feel like you are driving the car you thought you were? Now you may hear, you said that if you see the mind, it will happen! Negatively we visualize the accident, Realizing that, nothing like that ever happened to us.

Then how can we believe that what we have imagined will happen? Dude! For better or worse, you’re emotionally drained for one or two days and then three days with a conscious mind. Never see it again! Do you understand? Continue to visualize the scene you are designing. Depending on the intensity of the thought it may happen sooner or later. But it will definitely happen. Your dream will come true and you will crawl into your arms.


Feeling Gratitude

Feeling gratitude is a very powerful magic word. If we follow the above steps correctly and effectively we would be able to understand ourselves completely. In order to touch the peaks of success, it is essential to have a sense of gratitude and develop a strong connection with the powers of the universe. The wealth we need and the healthy life we seek are available in abundance in this universe.

Yet why couldn’t we easily possess those things in our hands? Why do we or our family members constantly suffering from diseases? Why do we suffer in poverty when we long for a comfortable life? There are only two things to be understood. The first one is not understanding yourself and your powers completely.  The next one is to forget the sense of gratitude and living our life. We have understood the first part of our mistake. Now let’s see, how we can use the magical word gratitude and possess whatever we want in our life.

The universe provides everything to a person who has a sense of gratitude. This is very difficult to understand for a person who does not know about himself.  Supposedly, you have helped someone

unexpectedly. How would you feel, if that person ignores you and leaves without thanking you? Will you help him the next time when he gets into some kind of trouble? Now you will ignore him considering him ungrateful. We are ordinary human beings, yet we could not bear the sight of an ungrateful man. In this situation, what benefits could a man obtain from the god or the universe who created and maintains billions of human beings, when he forgets to live a life of gratitude?

You have learnt about yourselves now and hence today onwards we must try to live a life of gratitude, When you do so you can see and feel the changes in your life. You can come out of any terrible disease and you can also bring others out of their disease by the attitude of feeling gratitude. When you desire something desperately and when you thank for it believing as if you got it you will definitely get it. Well, let’s see how to express our sense of gratitude.


Expressing the sense of gratitude

Make the act of thanking others a habitual action of your life. Anytime is a good time to express your sense of attitude, but the best time would be the early morning hours when you wake up from sleep or the nighttime when you are about to sleep. You can express your sense of gratitude in the following ways.

When you wake up from your bed in the morning you can take a posture of meditation and you can practice saying thanks. This is just an example. You can frame the sentences based on your dreams and aspirations. But you should be very conscious when you express your sense of gratitude. You must feel as if you got whatever you have desired and say your words of gratitude.

  1. Thank you universal power for providing such a wonderful and happy morning for myself and my family. ( Now you should feel as if you are happy all day long)
  2. My health is stable and I am happy hence I thank the universal power.( For example, My blood sugar level is stable, visualize as if your affected organ has healed and say thanks to the universe. Whatever disease that may be. It could have been left as hopeless by the doctors but make sure to tell the name of the disease and feel as if you got recovered and say thanks with confidence, you will be definitely healed.
  3. Thank you universal power for providing me ______ amount on _______ day (feel as if you got the particular amount of money on that particular day)
  4. Millions of thanks to the cosmic aspirant who made my industry grow so fast and brought me millions or crores of revenue. (imagine a situation where your business has grown)
  5. Millions of thanks for the universal ambition that has given me the promotion that I was looking forward to (create a mindset as if you got the promotion and working in that position)
  6. Billions of thanks to the great cosmopolitan who gave complete relief to Mr / Mrs ______ who was suffering from a serious illness in my home or town( feel as if the person got recovered from the disease and engaging in their daily activities)


I hope this post would have helped you to reach the peaks of success. These words are blended with my own life experiences. Practice those things that you have learnt. You will definitely get positive responses in your life. As mentioned above create sentences based upon your needs and keep on repeating them with complete hope. You will definitely reach the peaks of success one day.

I request all the readers of this book to read the book again and again repeatedly and practice all the exercises in your life. I congratulate all of you to get every wealth, health, life, and prosperity by saving human values and relationships. Live well happily. I request you to introduce this book to your kith and kin.! Let’s meet in the next post. Thank You.


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